Silver Springs Shores Presbyterian

Church Campus

Our Church Campus is comprised of Eight buildings and two sheds. The buildings are in constant use throughout the week.

THE SANCTUARY was built in 1886 and in 1974 this congregation moved the building from Candler to it's present location and added to it. In 1989, the building was renovated to include more people. The stain glass windows are contemporary statements of faith.

THE OFFICE was built in 1975 and originally served as Sunday School rooms. Today it is the church office and also houses the food pantry

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THE CE BUILDING was built in 1980 to house a growing church and was used for Sunday School rooms. it was remodeled in 2001 and six rooms became two. One is a meeting room and the other is the music room. This building is used by a variety of community groups.

THE OLD FELLOWSHIP HALL was built in 1981 and is now where the Boys and Girls Club hold their after school program. It has a small stage and kitchen besides the large meeting area. We have hosted the Boys and Girls Club since 2008.

THE ANNEX was built in 1986 as a storage building which became the scout building which became SEED childcare which became the scout building and is now shared by the scouts and a Spanish speaking church.

THE ARMSTRONG FAMILY LIFE CENTER was built in 2000 and meets all current hurricane codes. It has 9 classrooms for SEED. It has a full commercial kitchen and a larger multi-purpose space that can be used for basketball, concerts on the stage, banquets, and a variety of other outreach ministries. This building is named for the Rev. Sherman Armstrong who was the first Pastor of the church from 1977- 1993.

THE GARAGE was built in 2002 and is our maintenance building.

THE MARY LOU LEE Building was built in 2010 as we realized that we need more meeting space on campus. The building has a large meeting room and also houses the Thrift Store. There is a small kitchenette and also a storage room used by the Ocala Soap Box Derby. A generous bequest from the estate of Mary Lou Lee enabled us to add this facility to our campus.

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